Friday, April 5, 2013

The CEO Meets With Ambassador Cuisia

By Joe Joson , California , USA|Philippines
April 5, 2013 

  Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose L. Cuisia Jr. and Mr. Winston L. Mendoza ,
 CEO Mendoza Solar, LLC & Chairman , Lim Solar Philippines in their
 first and historic meeting in Washington , DC ,  March 20, 2013.

 Bringing the Solar Industry to the Philippines has not been easy and will continue to be tough for a bit longer.  But with aggressive , persistent and consistent marketing efforts from Mr. Mendoza and Team coupled with the very savvy folks from our Philippine counterparts both in the private sector and the government ,  indeed we are moving ever quicker and closer to bringing cheaper per kwhr rates of electricity nationwide, starting with the 'few and the brave' , smart clients who have 'gotten it' concerning solar photovoltaic energy.

  "The Team" with The CEO Mr. Mendoza and The Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia ,
 Ms. Ma. Roseni  Alvero, The Philippine Trade Attache

 Mr. Mendoza returns to the Philippines by mid-April to continue bringing the pieces together of this pioneering and historic enterprise designed to change the landscape of the Philippine electrical energy rates forever . As Mindanao reels from massive electrical power shortages ... again .. we hope to catch the attention of the great leaders of this nation that has emerged as an economic leader in Asia , to embrace renewables , namely solar (PV) energy once and for all and continue to turn the economic tides and benefit the masses.

Joe Joson  
Communications/Marketing/Proj Management
Mendoza Solar, LLC / Lim Solar Philippines

Mobile: 714 348 2661  


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