Friday, August 24, 2012


Netmetering is simply this:  After you have acquired your Solar Power System for your house, business building , commercial facility..... netmetering is your ability to buy power from and sell power to your utility company like Meralco using your BI-DIRECTIONAL ELECTRIC METER.  This awesome meter reads incoming power that you 'borrow from' Meralco and the outgoing power that you SELL to Meralco.

This system allows you to make your MONTHLY BILL EQUAL TO ZERO PESOS at the end of the month! HOW?  The number of solar panels are computed to produce the amount of power equal to or BIGGER  than the power you use every day INCLUDING non production time like night time where solar panels get some sleep while we sleep. The panels simply produce more during the day and send it out to Meralco  which Meralco sells to other customers for a price  with a PROFIT!

Come night time, you simply withdraw the power you 'sold' to Meralco. In effect , you just used Meralco as a convenient power storage.  You make money, Meralco makes money.  Your cheaply generated power HELPED drop the total kwhr rate for your neighbors to whom Meralco sold your power to for a price 'hopefully' is lower than power produced by other means or sources.

Please click here to see DOE's rendering of Netmetering.

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