Monday, January 21, 2013

A No Brainer Approach to Buying Solar

Joe Joson
Posted: January 21, 2013 

How much does Solar Power cost? This question is by far the single most commonly  asked question when Solar Power (Photo Voltaic) is discussed. Not a problem.

Looking at the two charts above , we can see the rapid rise of energy/electrical cost worldwide on the left. To the right , we see a decrease in prices of solar power (panels and inverters).

When you plan to get your own system , think NOT of how much it will cost . 
Think about how much your present electric bill will be reduced to ZERO DOLLARS/PESOS every month.

Then think about having to pay to your loan from 5-10 years an amount LESS than what you paid for your monthly electric bill.
Example : If you paid P2000 pesos a month on your electricity , your loan will be a LOT less than that per month .
This is money in your pocket.

Then think about this: Solar PV Systems last for 25 years up to 40 years and still produce 90 percent of power.

If you pay off your loan in 7 years: Your electricity is FREE for the next 18-33 years!!
 Then think about this:  Looking at Philippine electric bills we see the words Demand Charge .  These are charges that consist of at least 20-30 percent of your total bill.
When you generate your own electricity with Solar ,  you no longer pay for transmission fees , taxes on transmission fees and other charges related to TRANSMISSION.  You generate your own and you use no transmission lines!
You are now considered to own a Distributed Power Generation system.  This simply means you generate on the spot .
LONG TERM BENEFIT for Distributed Power Generation:  When the typhoon comes and wipes out the national grid ,  as long as your system does not get blown off by the storm , you start generating as soon as the sun shines!!!
If you and your community/neighbors get together and create your own LOCAL Distributed Power Generation system by setting up several Solar (PV) Systems ,  you might have enough generation to sell electricity to other neighbors!
You continue to build your own grid which will grow to become a micro grid.  Meralco will hate you and your entrepreneur partners but.... who cares !   You want to take that profit for yourself and there is nothing wrong with that at all!!!
So... think not about  your cost when you start with your first system! Think you are building your own business! This is why our Services Are an Investment in a Nutshell ! (Click this link)
If you have any questions on becoming a non-employee consultant (paid on Commission ) ,  want your own solar power for your home , business or want to be bold and create your own power for sale ,  contact us at or .
WE ARE OFFERING A 100% FINANCING TO BIG PROJECTS THAT WILL QUALIFY UNDER THE BUILD OPERATE TRANSFER (BOT) program.  The BOT is a 20 year agreement where we build, we fund , we operate and maintain the system . We sell you the electricity at a VERY competitive per kwhr rate .  You resell  for a continued PROFIT on DAY ONE of the turning on of the system. Then you own the system after 20 years!
To qualify for the 100 % Financing , we require at least a 3-year track record of your business of being 'in the Black' or being able to pay your bills as a business entity. The second condition is you have the Philippine government or a reputable bank guarantee the loan.
For smaller projects as residentials or small KW business or facility ,  we will work with your bank . Later as Lim Solar takes a more solid foot on the islands , we will start 'carrying the paper'  or we will offer funding for residentials.
Salamat po! Mabalos !  Thanks !
Joe Joson  
Communications/Marketing/Proj Management
Mendoza Solar, LLC / Lim Solar Philippines

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